Saturday, November 3, 2012


     Have you guys heard about this great website? Basically, you just sign up, take some surveys, and you can qualify for free boxes full of full-sized products!! It's called Influenster, and it's super easy and fun to use!

     I got the Beauty Bloggers badge by taking a small survey and I recently got a box full of amazing products from VitaBath, Bath and Body Works, NYC New York Color, Not Your Mother's Hair Products, and more! All for exactly $0. All you have to do to keep qualifying is to take the challenges (basically following all the brands you received on social media like Facebook and writing reviews.) I'm in the process of trying out all of my products and so I will be sharing my reviews on my blog!
Not shown: VitaBath Fragrance Mist in Noveau Rose

     Everyone should really go sign up. Influenster has badges for EVERYTHING: Gamers, Mothers, Brides-to-Be, Eco-Friendly gals, Cat owners, Dog owners, College students, etc. And your boxes will be customized based on the badges you have! I am SO excited to finish all of my reviews and receive my next VoxBox!!!


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