Wednesday, November 7, 2012

South Carolina All-State Choir

  Yesterday, my school choir, the Voices, took 22 kids to audition for the SC All-State Chorus. This is a mass choir that meets for a weekend in the spring to perform a big show together, and is made up of the best students in the state, from all high schools. We drove all the way up to Columbia (ugh) and performed in quintets the song "Hallelujah, Praise the Lord."
   Of the 22 that came, 13 made it on to the second round (myself included) which is sight-singing. This was one-on-one with a judge. We were given a sheet of music 8 measures long and 45 seconds to practice, then 45 seconds to sing it. Of the 13 who made it to the second round, only 6 made it into All-State...
    I made it in! I'm so excited, because this was my last year to audition since I'm a Senior. I can't wait to go to All-State weekend up in Rock Hill!!
     So yeah that's my big news of the day.


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