Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 in 12 Photos

This is a new yearly segment I hope to do. Just one photo from each month and a small elaboration of that month's events. It's such a wonderful thing to reminisce on the year that has passed.

January: The first month of 2012 was not a very eventful one. I turned 17 on the 4th, and my mom took me out to dinner at 11th Street Dockside in Port Royal. The photo above was taken there. I absolutely adore the view from this restaurant, and the food is all amazing. 

February: February was a fun month. The choir performed in a choral competition up at Lander University. We ranked Superior and received an award for "Most Inspiring Performance." We toured the campus at Presbyterian College, where our director and accompanist went to college, and then we went to a youth performance of "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe," which was absolutely adorable. The photo above is one of the many statues displayed at PC.

March: March was a busy month. My AP English class had a big project to do on The Great Gatsby, so my friend Connie and I teamed up to bake and decorate a cake with the theme of our chapter. Our frosting skills can definitely use some work, but it was still a ton of fun. March was also the month of my friend Rhianna's 17th birthday, and we convinced our server to smash a mini pie into her nose when we sang "Happy Birthday." It was a fantastic time.

April: April was a month full of a bit of local adventuring and a bit of failed Pinterest projects. I'm not going to lie and say all of my projects came out phenomenal. My cake balls were misshapen and the frosting was unattractive. But it's okay to make mistakes. You learn from them and you grow. It's all about the process anyway (although a nice final product is wonderful also.) The above photo is of some flowers from a local flowershop called Buds and Blooms, where I plan to return to purchase some herbs to grow inside (another Pinterest project!)

May: Boy, oh boy, was May a busy month! Between AP Exams, Prom, and moving into a new house, I was very stimulated. I was able to take group shots of my choir and the French Honor Society, which was a great lot of fun. To be honest I can't really remember too many details, only that exams were difficult, and moving was a bit of a pain, and prom was magical.

June: June was an exciting month. Joe graduated this past year, and was really excited to get out. His father was still in the hospital from a really terrible car accident, but was improving quickly and now he is almost completely better. My grandparents moved down south all the way from Cody, Wyoming in their camper and spent about 2 months here in Beaufort to spend time with us. Just a lot of family matters going on in June.

July: My mom and brother and I went camping with my grandparents on Hunting Island for a couple days. It was really fun doing a clam bake, and Joe came out one day to meet them and just hang out. I really love being able to spend time with my family.

August: At the very beginning of August, I went with Joe and his family, Joe's friend Chad and his family, and Chad's girlfriend (and my best friend) Billie, up to Carowinds for 3 days. It was really fun, although I am deathly afraid of rollercoasters and only went on one of the baby ones once. Later that month, Joe's sister Jessica got married. Above is a photo of my outfit from that day. And of course, school started again, and my little brother Ethan turned 8 years old. He's getting way too big.

September: September was basically just a bunch of getting back into the swing of things with school. This photo was taken at Lady's Island Dockside on Lady's Island (where my mom works.) The view in my town, almost everywhere, is just so serene and lovely.

October: October finally started feeling like fall down here with all of the pumpkin patches and scarecrows. The leaves really don't turn down here in the fall, since we don't really get defined seasons. It was fun to celebrate Halloween this year because it marked the two year anniversary of Joe and I meeting for the first time. It's so hard to believe.

November: Now this was a month full of celebration. I was lucky enough to make it into All-State Choir, and the 16th was mine and Joe's 2 year anniversary. It was a beautiful date to a lovely restaurant and to see a sweet youth drama rendition of Annie. The end of the month was also very bittersweet; I performed the last winter performance I will ever perform with the choir. Senior year is already proving to be tearful!

December: Holiday cheer all around! As everyone else, I felt the pain upon hearing the news of the tragedy at Sandy Hook, but that event really made me realize how lucky I was. The choir performed many small performances caroling for local rotary and country clubs. I was able to attend my town's Light Up the Night Boat Parade and annual Christmas parade. My grandparents came in town for the holiday, and I was able to spend a lovely day yesterday with my loving boyfriend. My brother is safe, my family is safe, and I am safe. So much to be thankful for.

And now, I shall spend the rest of my New Year's Eve watching Dr. Who on Netflix and reflecting on this wonderful year.
Happy New Year, Lovelies!


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