Friday, December 14, 2012

Holiday Happenings in my Town

So once again, I have had to postpone most of my postings until the weekend because of a lack of internet during the week. But here is a post of the fun things that have been happening this week!

My town has a yearly tradition on December. One weekend, there are three consecutive days of Holiday fun. 

Friday evening is Night on the Town, where they close down the main street downtown and open all of the shops for special deals; they also have a tree-lighting ceremony with a HUGE tree. [I have unfortunately never been able to attend Night on the Town. :( ]

Saturday Evening is the Light Up The Night Boat Parade, where a lot of the local boat owners decorate their boats up for Christmas and drive them along the waterfront in the river as a part of a contest. [This year was the first time that I have gone... here are a couple photos, even though they all came out blurry.]

The Sunset on Saturday Evening before the Light Up the Night Boat Parade at Henry C. Chambers Waterfront Park

The only good photo that I was able to get from the boat parade was not taken with my $799 camera, but my phone. How sad...

And finally, on Sunday, the local businesses and schools put together an afternoon parade to advertise and build community. I was able to attend this also and take a few photos.

Local Marine Corps Band 

This is one of the cutest things I've ever seen! These horses pull carriages around the historical district of Beaufort on guided tours ♥

One of the local dance companies, Studio B.

My school's Drama department advertising their upcoming production, "How I Became A Pirate."

Flag Twirler in front of my school's marching band

Santa Clause and the Mrs. ride atop a firetruck every year in our parade!

After the parade on Sunday, we went and picked out our Christmas tree from one of the local farms called Family Tree.

For some reason this was the clearest of the three shots I took of this exact thing.

I LOVE the whole rustic, circus sideshow look to these signs!!!

We decided to go local because... well, it's cheaper, the trees are better, and in this economy, the local businesses need the support the most anyway!

Our tree, all decked out ☻

I ♥ Bokeh!


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