Thursday, February 21, 2013

Life Lately: This New Year Holds So Many Possibilities

Life in the New Year really has started out pretty spectacular. School is picking up just quick enough to keep it challenging, but not enough to completely demolish my grades. I have a lot on my mind all the time, and hardly any of it is negative. The year has been relatively drama-free so far (hooray for stress-free personal lives!) and honestly, I've just been in such a great mood that I feel like I'm on Cloud 9.

The photo above was taken from my phone this past Saturday. If you think my hair looks different, it is; I had just gotten it cut earlier that day. Because Valentine's day fell on a Thursday this year, I had school the next day, and Joe had to work. So we celebrated Valentine's (and the anniversary of our first date) on Saturday instead. We went downtown for a while and perused through most of the shops, some of which we hadn't ever been in before. Joe got a really good deal on a vintage painting of a knight with his horse and is making payments on it for now. We stopped in for some frozen yogurt at YoYo's (we got a cheesecake flavored froyo to split this time) and then we headed over to one of the best local restaurants for sushi, House of Tokyo. When we finished gorging ourselves with fried dumplings and sushi, we rolled out way out the door and headed to the movies to see Warm Bodies, which was surprisingly good.

These boots. Are they not the most beautiful things you've ever seen?
I got a GREAT deal on them at Modcloth; these boots retail for $68.99, but they were on sale IN MY SIZE for $20.99.
I can't even tell you all how beyond ecstatic I was. Especially because of this...

One of my FAVORITE bloggers, and biggest inspirations, Elizabeth from Delightfully Tacky, owns and wore these boots. That made this deal irresistible. I love how Elizabeth styled them, and I look forward to coming up with my own styling ideas to share with you all!

This month I signed up with BeautiControl, an at-home spa and beauty products company. It's going to be a great way to make money and get connected with people. I already use and absolutely LOVE the products. My mom and I had a booth set up at a local vendor blender, demoing the Instant Manicure Dead Sea Salt Scrub and Extreme Repair  Hand Creme. Everyone loved the products, and some were interested in hosting spas with us! you can even earn the title to a Mercedes! All while earning at least 50% profit! Sweet deal for everyone!!

The company has great perks with it; there are rewards with each person you recruit each month, and cruises and vacations, and 

The earrings in the photo above were handmade my a jeweler in the booth next to us at the Vendor Blender. They cost $25, and I absolutely LOVE them! I plan on buying more from her in the future. All of the vendors who were there were very nice, and all took a genuine interest in the products we had. Some even purchased from us right there!

What I'm Listening To: The Les Misérables soundtrack. Getting revved up for the Choir's Spring Show!!
What I'm Watching: Doctor Who Season 3. Don't judge me.
What I'm Reading: Life of Pi by Yann Martel. Gotta read the book before I see the movie.


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