Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Woman Crush Wednesday: Billie Piper

So this is another segment I've decided to introduce to showcase some of my female idols/crushes/obsessions. I wanted to start with the lovely Billie Piper.

If you had asked me about her 3 months ago, I would have replied with, "Who?"
Of course, I began watching Doctor Who about then. Billie Piper's character is BY FAR my ALL TIME FAVORITE of the Doctor's companions. She was witty and compassionate and unique. There has never been a companion as devoted and perfect as she was and there never will be.

I'm basically in complete awe of how strikingly beautiful she is. She has such a prominent face with her high cheekbones and full lips and eyebrows. I honestly could stare at her for hours. And the best part is that in all her interviews and behind-the-scenes clips, she seems so real and genuine and fun... like someone you'd seriously LOVE to be best friends with.

Piper as Rose Tyler in Doctor Who ♥

My favorite Doctor and my favorite Companion ♥


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