Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Chillin' on a Back Porch

It's been a pretty busy week so far. My mom and I are trying to plan a trip down to Mexico Beach to see my grandparents for a weekend. I'm super excited to go since I've never been, and the travel bug has been munching away at my mind. We did a lot of running around to Enterprise this weekend trying to figure out a rental car situation (it was so packed this weekend we couldn't even see an agent yet.)

We ended up eating at a cute little place called the Back Porch Grille. Of all my time living in Beaufort, I never knew it existed! It's tucked away a little bit in a marina, but it's right on the water with a gorgeous view of the river. Luckily, it was a BEAUTIFUL day, instead of all the rain and gloom we have been having lately.

I got a really yummy Oyster Poboy for lunch. I think I have an obsession with fried oysters. Maybe it's just a southern thing, but I thing they're awesome. I wasn't a big fan of the remoulade sauce that came with it. But then again, I had never eaten remoulade before, so maybe I just don't like remoulade. 

I also went yesterday and renewed my beginner's permit. Now I just need to get into driver's ed and get my hours and I'll FINALLY be able to drive. It's really weird being 18 and not driving yet. I feel very left out and, to be honest, kinda lame. I know it's just because of my family's scheduling these past few years, but hopefully now I'll be on my way to it!


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