Sunday, July 7, 2013

Touring the Beaufort History Museum

On my internship with EatSleepPlay Beaufort, I have the opportunity to visit some pretty neat places in my town. I wasn't even aware that there was a museum for Beaufort until I was given the assignment to photograph it. I decided to share some snaps from the museum on the blog

Above is a scale model of the armory in downtown Beaufort. The inner building is undergoing renovations, as it will be the new home for the museum's exhibits.

Until about October, the museum is featuring a special exhibit on Hunting Island, the local state park and beautiful beach. There was a 20-minute mini-documentary on the history of Hunting Island (including it's pirate stories, which were pretty interesting.)

I think some of my favorite things to see were the clothing and uniforms. I love seeing the way that fashion has evolved, even through military uniforms!

That hairpiece on the right is made of human hair! It was actually fairly common in the mid-1800's apparently.

Call me a total nerd, but I LOVE museums. I love learning about history and science. I love soaking in all the little bits of knowledge and trivia.


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