Friday, August 9, 2013

Hot, Hot, Hot!

Let me tell you guys something. It may have taken until well into July this year, but summer in Beaufort is HOT. Worse, it's humid also. Just walking down the driveway to get your mail, you'll break a sweat like you've been running a mile. We keep our a/c at about 73 in the house, so it's nice and cool inside. 
I love these jeans. Because I'm so short, most jeans are too long on me and I have to cuff them. I got these for half off (technically free, since I used a gift card that I won) and they were supposed to be "ankle" jeans. Naturally, they were perfect length on me! I've worn them quite a but, and they're more versatile than I though they would be!

I'm working on trying to get my FAFSA filled out for college this year (so I hopefully won't have to pay for it.) I am also going to be applying for a job soon and going to driver's training in September. Hopefully, I will be able to get my photography in more outlets this year.

Shirt/ Forever21
Polka dot jeans/ PrivateGallery
Leopard Flats/ Off the Rack
Denim vest/ Dollhouse (Amazon)
Belt/ Thrifted


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