Saturday, August 10, 2013

Technology for Tuition Scholarship: How Consuming Media Online Has Affected My Education

When I look back at photos of televisions or ads for the latest in media technology, it really strikes me as a very big change. We no longer have large, obnoxious wire antennae on top of our television sets to receive television broadcasts. Now, television shows and movies are easier to access through various online networks, like Hulu and Netflix, and also On-Demand services through satellite t.v. and DVR. As a student, I find these changes to be positive in terms of my education.

It can sometimes feel like there aren't enough hours in the day, especially when you have to balance a job, school, sleep, and a (very inactive) personal life. Watching television is a good way for me to relax and get in some "me" time between homework and other duties. Sometimes, the only time that I have to watch something is a time when nothing particularly interesting to me is on. Thanks to services like DVR, I can record shows to watch during these times, rather than putting off school assignments to catch some relaxation time in front of the t.v.

I have often had trouble in history classes because I find it difficult to relate that two events from two different countries happened simultaneously. I find it easier to learn about an event in class, then watch a documentary, which brings these connections together. Sources like Netflix have a wide variety of documentaries. I can stream them whenever I need to supplement my learning. This way, I get an audio/visual version of my studies and it doesn't cost me a large amount of money.

While technology is ever-changing and many people may find media distracting and detrimental to education, I like to turn all resources into positive outlets and influences for my learning experience. As a student who takes charge of my own time management, I find online access to t.v. and media to be flexible and beneficial to my lifestyle.

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