Thursday, February 27, 2014

19 Before 20 (A Little Late!)

My dear readers, how could I forget to post my list of 19 Things To Do Before I Turn 20?? 
My birthday was almost two months ago! I'd better post it now so that when I make progress I can share it with you!

  1. Get my driver's license. (It's embarassing, really. It has to happen this year. Preferably before summer.)
  2. Learn to crochet.
  3. Take a photography class/wokshop just for fun.
  4. Learn to bake French macaroons.
  5. Walk a collective 200 miles.
  6. Have my photography published in a newspaper/magazine with credit.
  7. Be accepted into SCAD's eLearning program.
  8. Get a job. (Again, needs to happen.)
  9. Learn to play the ukulele.
  10. Purge my life of negativity.
  11. Try a 1-week sugar detox.
  12. Go to a fashion show.
  13. Have my photo taken professionally.
  14. Focus on creating positive memories.
  15. Read 52 new books.
  16. Get to 300 likes on the Whispered Wishes Photography Facebook page.
  17. Travel. (I have to get out and do SOMETHING.)
  18. Wardrobe detox. (I've had some stuff since middle school. Gotta go.)
  19. Cut soda from my diet.

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