Monday, February 17, 2014

Life Lately

Craving: I'll tell you what, I love junk food, but I have been wanting nothing but salads lately. I mean, yeah, Oreos are awesome, but there's nothing like a good salad when you need an energy boost and you want to eat healthier. Mom and I went to Outback for dinner today, and I ordered the Sesame Salad with Ahi Tuna on top and Oh. Sweet. Goodness. I ate the whole thing and almost felt sick after but it was just so freaking good. I want to start buying lettuce and eating a salad a day. I've pinned probably 100+ salad recipes on Pinterest. Bring it on.

Feeling: Restless and nostalgic. I always have a desire to get out and do something. Since I'm stuck at home 99% of the time, I've taken to experimenting with nail art, food, and watching a lot of movies. And reading a lot of books. I'm working on the first two Game of Thrones books right now. Joe and I spent the day together yesterday and we went for a walk along a new local trail, and I got some gorgeous sunset photos. It used to be the railway, but they paved it over. I remember when he and I would walk along the tracks, and it makes me kind of sad, although now the trail is more user-friendly. Still, I miss when it wasn't, because there was never anyone else walking there and it seemed like a special secret thing just for us. 

Working On: Building my photography business. Tons of essays and speeches for college. The usual. I'm also working hard to eat healthier and exercise more. I've been walking as often as I can and trying to build up strength in my pitiful upper body and abs. I'm tired of constantly feeling like crap because I haven't taken the extra step to care for my body. I'm still young, and I've decided it's time to change before it's too late.

Doctor Who-themed nails
Doctor Who-themed nails... pardon my left hand handiwork


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