Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Product Review: Business Cards from MOO.COM

I received a perk from Klout for 50 free business cards from MOO. I was really excited because I had been wanting to order business cards to start my photography business out, and I only had to pay for shipping with this perk. The picture above doesn't do the cards justice.

I opted for a gloss finish because I wanted to use one of my own photographs as the background, and it was a huge success. The photo quality is perfection, and the cards themselves aren't cheaply made. They are made on a nice thick cardstock-type paper that seems very durable. They even came bundled in a cute little cardstock holder with an adorable little message inside and a code for 10% off the 200 pack of cards.

My only issue is that in printing, a small strip of white was put on every one of the cards, but that isn't enough to turn me off from the company. I am so pleased with the quality that I will gladly order my business cards from them in the future!


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