Monday, August 18, 2014

Explore More

     Ever since I was little, I have had a desire to travel. I believe it has something to do with the two-year period in which I moved five times to completely different regions of the country. I was young, but not so young as to be blind to the cultural differences among the different areas of the good ol' USA. My wanderlust has grown though, especially as wonderful resources like the internet and television have allowed me glimpses into new-to-me areas of the world.

     Whether it's reading blogs by people from Scotland or Brazil or watching Andrew Zimmern sample exotic and strange foods in Cambodia on the Travel Channel, technology has allowed me to see even more pieces of our wonderful world. Through the digital platform, I have been enabled to explore more of our planet, natural and man-made; and while nothing compares to experiencing something in person, it's still extremely cool to be able to explore the catacombs of Paris or follow the Kardashians as they vacation in Thailand. I can even explore a more local turf by following along with Guy Fieri as he crosses the country on his show Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. Through the wonders of technology, I can "travel" anywhere I would like from the comfort of my own home.

     On top of mass-media coverage, there is also the closer-to-home coverage of social media. Friends and family members post photos to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter when they travel, sharing their goofy group shots holding up the Leaning Tower of Pisa or, of course, making not-so-appropriate placements of the Eiffel Tower. Many of my high school classmates went on mission trips, and I get to see their pictures with Cambodian monks, or of them giving clean water and immunizations to orphans in Africa. I was able to follow my uncle as he hiked through the woods up in Maine, a fellow choir member as she lived for 9 months in Japan, and long-time friends as they zip-lined through the canopies of Jamaica. There's nothing like peer-pressure, is there? Seeing people I know in foreign lands inspires in me an even deeper craving for experiences of my own to share.

     Many people say that technology is ruining our world. They argue that it makes humans lazy and unproductive. I have to disagree, at least in my case. Being able to see the little glimpses into another part of the world inspires me to want to apply for my passport and jump on a plane as soon as possible. I long to explore the world and divulge into new cultures. I long to feel foreign soil sifting between my toes and breathe in the scent of the air that occupies the atmosphere above it.

      For now, though, I suppose the television and blogs will have to suffice.


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