Friday, September 19, 2014

Life Lately

My best friend, Autumn, and I on our last day together before she left for college up at Erskine.

Feeling: Lately I've been feeling extremely overwhelmed by all aspects of my life. Between being unable to find a job, dealing with working through the breakup, trying to figure everything out with my transfer to SCAD and financial aid, us trying to find a new house... there's a lot going on. I finally just broke down in tears earlier today after hearing that we didn't get the house we had looked at. Because it was basically the perfect house and I did the dumb thing and got my hopes up and already had a Pinterest board going for things I wanted to do in "my" room. Typical Gabby move.

Watching: On the plus side, DOCTOR WHO IS BACK!!!!!! I, for one, am totally loving Peter Capaldi's Doctor and I think that the Scottish sass and darker tone is very much needed after having two cute-and-cuddly Doctors (although I am not at all complaining about Tennant and Smith!) 

Excited About: Photography opportunities! I just finished one Senior Photo session for a guy I've known since we were both in diapers, and I have another cool conceptual photo session with one of my friends coming up soon. On top of that, I have received many inquiries as to my pricing! Much excitement.

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