Sunday, December 30, 2012

Out and About

Joe and I had a date day downtown today. We made our usual stop at the Common Ground for some coffee (I got a frozen mocha despite the chilly weather here.) Then we looked around our favorite local  Vintage shop and it's second location, Simply Southern. I love the multiple sets of china that they have, and aspire to own at least one nice set of fine china.

After that, we had an early dinner at Panini's. I ordered the Almond Crusted Calamari, which comes with a spicy aioli sauce, and Joe ordered their lobster bisque and Shrimp and Crab BLT (don't knock it 'til you try it, it's actually really great!")
After dinner we walked around the streets a bit more and went into one of the antique bookstores, then headed over to the new frozen yogurt shop called Yoyo's. It's really fresh and modern inside, and the yogurt is quite delicious. You get to build your own "fro yo" and you pay just $0.49 an ounce for your creation. And they have a cute little feature; a "Phoyo" booth where you get your picture taken and shared on their Facebook page! I think that's a great and fun way to draw in business.

At the end of our date, we walked along the marsh banks and took some photos of the sunset and the sky. I can never get enough of how unique and stunningly beautiful my hometown is. I know that if I ever move away for some reason, I will always come back and visit. Beaufort is just so stunning.

Hope you all had a lovely day as well.


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