Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Life Lately

Reading: The Professor by Charlotte Brontë. We read Wuthering Heights, a novel by her sister Emily Brontë, in my AP English class this past year, and I kind of fell in love. I wanted to read more in that kind of style, and from that time period, so when I spied the hardcover copy of The Professor for $2 at our local library's annual book sale, I had to pick it up. I've been reading it on our trips to the beach, chapter by chapter. I'm a relatively fast reader, but the Brontës's writings, like those of other authors of the time, are very intricate and heavy reading, and especially after analyzing literature for a year, I want to really dig deep into the novel.

Thinking About: Travelling. I have been seeing all of my high school friends going on all of these amazing trips to France and Greece and Bermuda and road trips across the country. I've also been seeing so many of my favorite bloggers on their trips to Coachella and Bonnaroo, and Emma and Trey's honeymoon trip to Switzerland. All of these things combined, along with my inner photography bug, are making me just want to go somewhere. I don't really care where. Even if it's somewhere close to home, I just want to travel. I want to go to Charleston for the Spoleto Festival, or drive up to Yemmassee for the night. I can't help my itch to travel. I lived in 4 different states in 2 years (military brat, woohoo!) and I think that made me appreciative of home but also craving of newness. 

Listening To: My All-State CD! It finally came in the mail, with the recordings of the concert. (Is it narcissistic to listen to a concert I was in myself of repeat?) I really got thinking about all of the hard work we all put in. I loved being on stage with the rest of the Women's Choir, and I loved being up in the nosebleed area of the balcony listening to and watching the Men's Choir and Mixed Choir. We all put in so much hard work, and listening to our concert and seeing my name in print inside the CD case insert makes me so proud. I was a part of something beautiful and exclusive and amazing. It's a fantastic feeling.

Excited For: A few different things actually.
      I'm working a photography internship with EatSleepPlay Beaufort, a local website and Facebook page that posts about the happenings in my town. They have featured my photos on their Facebook page before and extended an invitation to intern with my. The Facebook page alone has over 15,000 likes. That's a potential 15,000 people seeing my photography. I think that's a pretty freaking great deal!
     Also, this week my mom ordered us a really nice juicer from Target, and we got it on Monday. We have only tested it out a little (you'd be surprised how much juice you can get out of carrots!) but we plan on using it quite a lot. I plan on posting my favorite juicing recipes and tips. I'm super excited because I can't eat fruit. I like the taste of about 95% of fruits, but I can't actually eat them because the texture of the flesh of the fruit makes me gag. It's really weird. But with a juicer, I can get all of the fruits and veggies I need without the nasty texture issues. (Does anyone else have texture issues?)

Links I Love:

  • I'm seriously squealing over this camera bag on JoTotes. I am in dire need of a cute camera bag.
  • Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce you to Brooming, the newest craze in videos and a trend I have a strange urge to partake in. (I actually spewed my Sprite when I first saw this.)
  • Great news for the LGBT community and their allies (Woohoo!)


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