Sunday, April 21, 2013

What I Wore: Soft Shell Crab Season

For those of you who don't know, soft shell crabs are just blue crabs that have molted their hard exoskeleton. They are harvested and cooked up before their new exoskeleton has a chance to form. This is a roughly 2-week period out of the year, so they're something of a southern delicacy. The best way to eat them is fried. And Dockside has the biggest and the best. 

This year, Dockside is making fried soft shell crab sliders. I was craving them SO BAD that I completely forgot to take a picture before I practically inhaled it. I swear, they are one of my favorite things to eat.

Okay, I'm not even going to lie to you and tell you I wore these shorts today. It was like... 65 degrees out. But it was REALLY hot in my house. So before we left to go to Dockside for dinner, I changed into a pair of skinnies and my new booties.

These booties are amazing. They've got a 5-inch heel, which makes me 5'6" which is a blessing to me. And the best part is, I got them for $20.99 (normally $68.99)!!!

Shirt: Thrifted & DIY 
(This is the shirt I wore for #VoicesDoLesMis. All I did was wash it, remove the sleeves, and hem the armholes!)
Jeans: City Streets
Necklace: Freedom Divine (this was a recent gift from Joe)


Est-ce Que Tu Parles Français?

Salut! Comment allez-vous?

Even though I have been a member of the French Honor Society for the past 2 years, I had never been officially inducted until this past Monday! I was super excited to finally be able to become an "official" member (even though I was already voted Historian, haha!) 
Our Induction Feast included: Bacon and Ham Quiche, Meringues, and Croissants with Nutella ♥
 Here is what I had to recite to be officially "inducted:"

"Je prête serment de respecter et de soutenir les idéaux de la Société Honoraire de Françaid
Je serai fidèle aux principes qu'elle représente.
Je serai loyale à mon école et je m'engage à continuer sans relâche
mes efforts pour m'instruire et transmettre aux futures generations
mon amour pour la langue et la culture françaises."

In my Easter post, I promised that you would be seeing this outfit again soon. Even though you can't see it too well, here. Bah. Anyways, I got the dress on clearance from Target for $19.99. The sandals are from KMart, and the belt is a thrift shop find. I'm in the photo above with my friend Rebecca, who I've known since we were in 1st grade together. It's weird how she's so much taller than me (not that it's hard to be!)

Most schools require students to take languages in order to graduate. Are you involved in any languages? Are you a member of an honor society?