Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The 58th Annual Beaufort Water Festival- Through a Photography Intern's Eyes

I wanted to share some of my best shots from the days I photographed down at the Water Festival. I only went 5 of the days, but it's more than I have ever gone before. Every day they have the Arts and Crafts expo, where local small businesses can sell their goods. It's mostly lowcountry-inspired art or jewelry, but there are other really cute goods being sold.

These bags were featured in Oprah's Favorite Things!

The second day that I went was for the Sponsor's Expo, where the Water Festival Sponsors can set up booths to promote their businesses.

I got a free t-shirt from this booth!

Day 3: Kid's Day! In the evening, they have the Teen Dance (which was fun when I went in 9th grade.) I took pictures during the day, when all the younger ones were running around with bounce houses and such.

Day 4:  Water Festival Parade and Nonprofit Expo
I can't  even begin to tell you how HOT it was!

Day 5: Blessing of the Fleet (Also the very last day of Waterfest)

All-in-all, it was an amazing experience to be able to photograph this part of Beaufort's traditions for my internship. I met a ton of amazing and friendly people, and my boss said that many of them were "very impressed with how proper and professional [I] acted."
 (Score for Gabby!)