Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Life Lately

Working On: Various research papers and essays. For my research paper for English, I am writing about marriage equality as a progression from interracial marriages in the past, the ongoing battle for gay/lesbian marriages in the present, and the possibility of battles for polygamous relationships in the future. For Western Civilizations, I wrote about Vincent Van Gogh. I was glad that both of these classes allowed us to choose our own topics, because I prefer to write about things that I enjoy. I'll probably post both of my essays later on just so you guys can see my writing style a little. Not saying I'm the best or anything, not at all.

Excited About: Finally getting my photography business started! I started up a Facebook page to share some of my best shots, but I already have at least 2 friends that want me to do portraits for them (one of them I'll be doing sometime in December!)  I've gotten so much support from my friends and family about my photography, so hopefully once the ball gets rolling, I'll have tons of business! 

Watching: A lot of talent competitions, like The Voice and X Factor. One of my favorites from each show were eliminated this week (Caroline on TV; Khaya on XF) so I'm really depressed, but there's still quite a bit of good talent on all of the shows. Also, I'm guilty of taking advantage of Hulu and watching a butt-ton of foreign films. OH. And how can I forget the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special?! I absolutely adored it!!

Eating: Healthy things. I'm working on integrating more good-for-you things into my diet and trying to cut the crap. I made salmon and avocado burgers this week, and bought a couple of pomegranates. Also, I have tons of fruit for juicing and plenty of recipes to go off of. On top of that, I'm trying to take the dog for a walk for about half an hour at least 3 days a week. Because I refuse to be a college student gaining her Freshman 15... or 50.

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