Friday, November 21, 2014

Influenster: Flex Your Social Media Influence

So, my lovely readers, you may have noticed that I post a lot of product reviews in which I have received the featured items from a site called Influenster, which is a website that allows you to use your social media presence to voice your opinion on products and services. I began using Influenster in 2012 and I absolutely love the site. Not only do you have the opportunity to qualify for boxes chock-full of great products to test and review, but there are other wonderful things on the site as well.

They have recently redesigned their site, and created a mobile app, so it's a little different than when I started using it. Now, there is a section called "The Hub" where featured articles on all different types of subjects are displayed. My favorite feature on The Hub is the word of the day (today's is "tenebrous"!) Influenster also has a great little section called VoxPerks, which are special offers and discounts offered to it's members. On your profile, you can see your Impact Score and Reach Diagram (both determined by how many friends/followers you have across all of your social media accounts.) You will also find a section called "Snaps" where survey questions help earn you points towards badges (and badges help qualify you for Vox Boxes!) 

There are three different types of badges; Expert badges, Lifestyle badges, and Campaign badges. Expert badges are for things like beauty, fashion, tech, travel, wine, etc. Lifestyle badges are for things like Bride-to-be, Mothers, College students, etc. For both of these, you earn points to the badges by leaving product reviews, answering questions, and sharing product pages on your social media accounts. The higher your scores in your badges, he more likely you are to be chosen for Vox Boxes and Virtual Vox Boxes. Campaign badges are earned when you receive a Vox Box or Virtual Vox Box and complete all of the tasks for the badges (usually sharing pictures of the product on social media, following brand accounts on Twitter, leaving product reviews on Amazon, etc.) The better your score in your campaign badges, the more likely you are to win special free prizes from the respective brands.

I have received 6 physical Vox Boxes and 6 Virtual Vox Boxes in my time, ranging from Language-learning videos to beauty products to snack foods and more; and I have been very pleased with all of the services and products offered. I have even won a handful of prizes from my campaign badges!
I think one of the greatest things about Influenster is the Reviews section. The reviews are all very in-depth, and there's the option to ask/answer specific questions consumer-to-consumer with no industry jargon involved. And now that they have an app, everything is so easy. On-the-go, you can scan a product in the store with their bar code scanner to pull up reviews on Influenster to help you make decisions. This is on top of allowing you to access all of your regular Influenster information from your phone. Pretty great, right?

All-in-all, I highly recommend using Influenster. On top of being an excellent source of honest and accurate product reviews, you have the chance to receive free products to test and to voice your opinion of these products! Can it get any better? The Vox Box programs are smart (and free!) advertising on the part of the companies involved (hopefully even more brands will start getting involved!) because I mean, really; if you see someone raving about a product on social media, you're going to wanna try it too, right? Especially if it's someone you know or a blogger you look up to. As a member of the Influenster nation, you get first dibs on trying!! So go check it out, everyone! It's totally worth it!!!


Thursday, November 13, 2014

Product(s) Review: Dean's List Vox Box from Influenster

I received the Dean's List Vox Box free from Influenster in order to test the (abundance of) products inside. I am very pleased overall. I have already reviewed the SoftLips Cube, Playtex Sport Fresh Balance, and SinfulColors Nail Polish in #NoTextRed in other posts, so I'll just give my brief reviews of the other products and an overall review of the box as a whole.

Kiss Looks So Natural Lashes:

I don't wear false eyelashes hardly ever, but I did apply these one night when I was at home (unfortunately I neglected to take any photos.) The lashes did in fact look very realistic, which is a nice change, although they are still too long for me to wear on a daily basis. Maybe I'll put them on for a Girl's Night Out when my friend Autumn comes back from Erskine for winter break?

Pilot FriXion Clicker Pens:

College students, you ALL need to go out ASAP and buy these pens. YOU CAN ERASE THE INK. If that doesn't make you excited as a college student who likes to take really neat notes, you're wrong. These pens are the Seriously. I need like 20 in every single color they make.

Airheads Bites:

Okay, so I was happy to be sent some candy, but I totally prefer the classic Airheads to these bites. They were kind of hard and difficult to chew, and the flavors weren't the same tasting as the original. Honestly I would not recommend.

Luden's Watermelon Throat Drops:

I can not stand cough drops that taste like someone placed the solid form of rubbing alcohol in my mouth (ugh). That being said, these just tasted like watermelon candy, so I honestly couldn't tell you if they work or not. I'd be a little worried about kids getting into these. You know, because if it looks like candy and tastes like candy, little kids are gonna assume it's candy and go through the whole dang bag in one sitting.

Overall, I was very pleased with the products I was lucky to receive in the #DLVoxBox. I cannot wait to be included in more campaigns from Influenster!


Saturday, November 8, 2014

Fall/Conceptual Portraits: Nick Riemer

Wowza! It's been a crazy couple of weeks! We finally got moved into the new place last Tuesday (although we're still nowhere NEAR being unpacked!) All the kinks are still working themselves out but it'll be all-good soon. 

ANYWAY, I recently did this great shoot with my friend Nick. He wanted some really nice ones and also had this really cool concept. He's into the whole Fallout/Walking Dead/apocalypic/dystopian scene, and had these AMAZING props to work with!

You can see the rest of Nick's shoot by visiting my Facebook page.